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wonderful houseboat
by Michael Veldhuizen

We had a great time staying in this houseboat.
The location was excellent - short walk to the Anne Frank house, centraal station and Dam square.
The canal very was quiet. It was wonderful seeing the ducks and swans outside our window each morning.
The room was very clean and modern.
We highly recommend!

Nice experience in a houseboat
by Todd Uyeda

My wife and I traveled to Amsterdam. It was our first time. Originally I booked a room in a canal house hotel. In Amsterdam central and the canal district, most hotel rooms are very small and quite expensive. If you've staying in Tokyo or Singapore, it's similar to that. If you are used to big rooms and don't pay attention to square footage when you book, you will be shocked. After reading more about Amsterdam, I read a lot of posts by people who stayed in houseboats or wanted to stay in a houseboat. I thought they might be larger than the hotel rooms at the same price point, but they are actually about the same. This houseboat was no exception. It is pretty small. It's fine for a couple nights for one person or a couple, but it would be a bit cramped for a long time. FYI - This website says you have to rent for minimum of 4 nights, but you can bypass that warning and submit anyways. We were able to book 3 nights, no questios asked. I had no idea how to book a houseboat. I looked in Airbnb (which I hate) and vbro and some other websites. Most people seemed to recommend houseboathotel, which I'd never heard of (I'm in US), but they seem to have been around a long time and I read only positive feedback so I took a chance. The down payment options are limited and you have to pay the balance in cash Euro, but other than that, everything went very smoothly. So if you are wondering, this website is legit. Our host Rinze was there to greet us. He was very friendly and helpful. The houseboat, although a bit cramped, does have everything in it (comfortable bed, bathroom, kitchen, eating area, giant glass windows that open so you can feed ducks). The houseboat is new (or at least seems new). The location is great. Walking distance to everywhere. The roads don't really have sidewalks and lot of brick, so it's not so easy to roll large suitcases. Not a big deal but something to know... Also cabs and uber have difficulty (it's definitely a walking/biking city), so best to go there when the weather is decent. This is the kind of houseboat that looks like a trailer. It is divided into 3 apartments. The host has a large apartment, probably half the boat. The other half is divided into 2 apartments. We stayed in BK151, which was 10 euro/night cheaper. It is the middle unit. The other one is the end. I recommend viewing the properties on a cell phone. The mobile version seems prettier (you can see pictures of each houseboat as you scroll). You can find larger houseboats by either paying more or going further from the city, but I liked this houseboat. The price was decent, the location was great, and it seemed new. Overall, it was a fun experience. One last note: it was colder than we expected and rained a bit, so we stayed in the houseboat more than we planned. I think it was more fun stuck in here (feeding ducks and seeing the boats go by) than in a hotel room.

Must Stay!
by CR Rohrbough

I admit, when I first paid for a houseboat in a foreign country over the internet, I was very worried I got scammed until the moment I saw the boat. I absolutely did not get scammed.
This place is a must stay if you are in Amsterdam. Located on a boat with two other seperate apartments, it sits at the desirable edge of Jordaan and on the “most beautiful canal” in the city, this place is a perfect home for 1 or 2 people. Quick walk to everything, including the central station, significant sights, and great food. Window the size of the the wall opens to reveal the canal with overlooking homes far older than anything in the US. A perfect spot to enjoy morning coffee, wave to passing tour boats, or shut the blinds for your very private small apartment.
The king size bed is a great way to end your night after exploring this great city.
The host, Rinze, was incredibly hospitable, offering local recommendations to rival any professional tour guide.
Do not miss the opportunity to stay in this idealic location while in AmDam. We absolutely will stay here next time we are in town.

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