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Wonderful boat in wonderful Amsterdam
by Marianne Mortensen

The perfect place to stay in Amsterdam situated in the most cozy part of the city and a fantastic atmosphere! The boat is well equipped and the bed is great to sleep in. There's everything you need and more, but we recommend a good cleaning. Thanks Ted for a great stay!

Ted's Wonderful Houseboat
by Karen Cowling

We celebrated our 30th Meeting Anniversary on this amazing little studio.
It was touch and go if we would get there due to CV19 but we MADE IT and were so so happy to be able to be in A'dam.
Lie back on the bed or sit on the little deck and take it all in - it's the perfect spot to be in in the City. The bed area has a beautiful light and ambience, everything you need from brollies, toiletries, microwave, washer and dryer, wine and beer in the fridge, and a supermarket on the corner - fantastic ❤️❤️❤️❤️
If your nervous about crowds and social distancing at the moment, you can be self sufficient but find the quieter areas to wander around.
Can not recommend Ted's boat enough, we'll definitely be back and Ted is an absolute gent of a man.
Thank you so much Ted, absolute pleasure from start to finish xxxx

Special , familiar accommodation in convenient location
by Eva Stollberger

We enjoyed our Stay on the asoka very much. Ted was very nice and explained how to use the kitchen/gave us directions and so on.and we could check in earlier, thanks Ted! One remark: it wasn't very clean, especially the bathroom, and rather dusty and there were some really old half empty jams etc with fungus left in the fridge. But all in all it was tolerable!

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