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We are looking for houseboat and apartment owners in London who want to let a room, studio or complete accommodation to tourists for a short period of time. We are interested in accommodations that offer breakfast (Bed and Breakfast) as well as accommodations without breakfast (self-catering).

Since 1998 we have been active in developing internetsites which brings tenants and letters to each other in Amsterdam. We are expanding our service to other capital cities in Europe.

We regulate the contact between tenants and letters by the internet and letters will be lead automatically to a secure payment website to make a down payment for a reservation ( Contracts will be send automatically to tenants and guests concerning further conditions such as the canceling (see terms and conditions). We actively recruit through advertisements and internetsites and update the administration.

Our guests make their reservation in advance for a minimum of 4 nights. The day of arrival could be any day of the week (because of airlines etc.). 

If you own a computer you will be able to log in at your page on the site.It’s your responsibility to close the unavailable dates. You have access to the calendar and are able to block the dates, it’s your responsibility to close the unavailable dates. That is important, because guests pay a deposit directly online after they have made a reservation. You can also manage the rates, the information provided on the site and reservation rules. 

When a booking is made, you will be warned by sms and emails. When you receive a so-called "last-minute" booking between now and 3 days, you will receive an extra warning and you are able to let the letter know wether it suits or not. 

If you also have your own website, rates and calendar can work together with this site so that you don't have to do the administration twice,

Once a month, following the month the guests stayed with you, you will receive the initial overview of your bookings and the down payments . The guests will be asked to pay the remaining amount cash on the day of arrival.

You can ring us first if you have any questions, or you can fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Telephone number: 0031-0651293933

To offer your accommodation we will need to receive the following:

  1. at least 5 photographs (via email in JPG.)

  2. a description of the surroundings

  3. a route description of how to get there

    • by car

    • by public transport

    • from the airport

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