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Without any doubt this is the best location in Amsterdam for a houseboat: in the heart of the city on the sunny side of the Amstel River next to the ‘Skinny Bridge’ and the Royal theater Carré. The 'Skinny Bridge Boat' has completely been refurnished in 2012 giving guests the best facilities possible while keeping the authentic characteristics of the boat. Pure Vintage! Make yourself a coffee from fresh beans, relax on the Italian design couch, feel well rested after a night on the Eastborn boxspring, but most of all enjoy the fantastic view this place in Amsterdam offers. On several places you can sit outside on the deck, enjoy breakfast and the view on the lively Amstel.  

This houseboat is very spacious with two bedrooms, two bathrooms (1 large one with both a bath and a shower) two toilets and a large living room with sleeping couch. It is accessible by a private bridge. A small staircase brings you into the boat, a small hallway and then the large living room with open plan kitchen. The modern kitchen is equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay: fridge, stove, microwave/oven, toaster, juice maker, water cooker, coffee machine etc. There is a bar table in front of the kitchen for the quick breakfast, a dining table and a comfortable sitting area. The couch can be easily transformed into a queen size quality bed. There is a large flatscreen television with movies on demand, wifi internet connection and radio/cd-player. Most of all guests appreciate the cozy atmosphere this boat has.

One of the bedrooms is located in the ol' captains den making it a very charming room. Walking outside over the gangway you reach this romantic suite. After having taken a bath in the classical bathtub you can go upstairs for a great view (with a cup of coffee or tea) from the place where the captain used to steer the boat. 

The 'Skinny Bridge Boat' is the answer to an exclusive stay in Amsterdam. Even though it is situated in the heart of the city were the river is lively during the day, the nights are very quite. Only on a few occasions there are exceptions: on Queensday, during the Gay Parade (which passes in front of the boat) and when on May 5th, a part of the Amstel River changes into a podium for the Queen and visitors for an open air concert: Be quick if you want a free ticket on the first row!

It is always rented out to one group of persons at a time (max. 6 persons) ensuring your privacy during your stay. Reviews!

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Bathroom with tub and shower
Bathroom with tub and shower
Bedroom with tub!
Bedroom with tub!

Guest reviews:

9 August 2016
A true blue review ! :) (with a great view)
by Kim Addison

This houseboat is exactly as advertised. The view... The view... The view... - its all about the view and anything negative overides that. We thoroughly enjoyed sitting on the main deck drinking wine after a busy day riding bikes through the city. (PS: beware of bike traffic! no one had told us how severe it actually is ... the bikes own the roads and will hit you if you walk out in front of them!!) There is a steady stream of boat traffic going through the skinny bridge and it is fantastic to just sit and watch. Night time is also quiet for sleeping and we felt totally safe in this neighborhood. I am going to be specific in this review about access because this was a major concern for us due to the fact that we have elderly parents who were also visiting us on the boat and when I was doing the research not much was said in any reviews about that. To get on the boat is easy as it has a nice wide ramp that can even accommodate walkers. The main cabin is easy for most people to access by a set of about 8 or so stairs which have a railing to hold on to - my mom who walks with a walker was able to do the stairs - the railing was key for her. The second cabin is NOT easily accessible for any mobility challenged or elderly but if you are NOT afraid of spiders (they line the OUTSIDE railings at night but are mostly gone in the morning! So if you are going to bed late at night and you have to go to that second cabin - beware that this is a challenge for people like us who are DEATHLY afraid of spiders) is fine for physically unchallenged people to get to and is a really nice and cozy cabin. Now the spider issue at night: I would like to recommend to the owner that he get a broom for his renters. There was no broom that we could find therefore we borrowed the next door neighbors and we brushed the spiders off as we made our way down to the second cabin at night. However, we found this to be a harrowing task due to the fact that we are indeed deathly afraid of spiders and were super worried that as we brushed them away they would jump on us. The shocking part is, as the owner told us, the spiders don't seem to come IN the cabins. They like to stay outside to catch all of the insects in their webs. Also, it appears that the cabin is very well cleaned by a cleaning lady who probably gets rid of any inside. So don't be afraid of them being inside the cabin - we slept very well at night feeling fairly secure about that. The only spiders we found inside were a couple of common small house spiders which we have no problem with. The beds were super comfy! The supplies were great but we didn't use anything because we went out to eat all the time. Less than a 10 minute walk in either direction brings you to all sorts of great restaurants and shops. We really loved it here despite our spider issues at night so that's the only thing that would stop us from coming back. However, if you do not need to use the second sleeping quarters you don't really need to worry about this. And - lets face it - a houseboat is going to have spiders. We didn't really think about this because we have boats at our cottage and we spray regularly for spiders which keeps them away. I was told by the owner that this is not allowed in Amsterdam. Another tip that we found out by ourselves is - try Dutch pancakes. The Dutch don't think anything about them but they are fantastic and we never knew they existed. Go to a Dutch pancake place.

6 June 2016
Review Boat B084
by Holger Will

It´s a great boat and the position is awesam.
With younger children it is important to know that the capitan cabin is totally separated from the main bed- and living room. You have to leave this area, walk across the boat and enter your cabin (different entrances and doors!). We guess it´s gonna be very hot in summer times. Next time we`ll ask to regulate the heating. We had kind of a oven in the bedroom (not in the capitans cabin). A few things are to repair. The owner was very kind and helpful. Thanks, one day we`ll come back!

5 April 2016
vier schöne Tage in Amsterdam
by Dagmar Amm

Zum perfekten "Amsterdam-Gefühl" hat unser Quartier - Hausboot B084 - viel beigetragen. Mit fünf Personen waren wir darauf prima untergebracht, der Vermieter war sehr nett, die Lage ideal, die Ausstattung praktisch. Die "Magere Brug" als Aussichtsmotiv von Deck und die Nähe zum Stadtzentrum haben wir sehr genossen. Vielen Dank dafür !!!

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