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Romantic interludes or just relaxing holidays. Located in Amsterdam's historic center, the Rembrandt is an airy, boutique houseboat convenient to several of the world's most heralded museums and the city's points of interest. As a true apartment on the water it is a revelation in art and design. The houseboat's designer interior and amenities define the quintessential Amsterdam experience. The city's rich culture and history, combined with the vibrancy of its citizens and world-class attractions, offer something unique to every visitor.

The houseboat is equipped with modern facilities and has one bedroom. There is a large Sofa Bed in the living room which sleeps 2 extra guests. With a modern design, the décor is accentuated by original Dutch paintings that are on display. A large bay window with double sliding doors offers magnificent panoramic views of the waters and leaning houses of Amsterdam. On the water side is a cozy smoking terrace with comfortable seating, in addition to the side terrace is the Floating terrace/boat which can be available to drive on the water. Luscious curtains and adjustable lights everywhere can create an intimate atmosphere at once. Complemented by a dining section that will make you feel like you are hovering above the water. A luxurious bathroom comprising bath, shower, is a perfect treat after a day of museum visits or before you start your elegant evening on town. The kitchen is provided with all the items that you need to make a wonderful dinner with fresh products from the market. Wifi internet connection is available, free of charge.

Apart from narrow streets with delightful little shops, restaurants & cafés and authentic stalls right around the corner at Rembrandt square, there are also many typical Dutch shops nearby such as: HEMA, Albert Heijn and the flower market.

Amsterdam, Europe´s largest intact historical city center with magnificent 17th and 18th century merchants’ houses surrounding its world famous canals. Romantic old wooden bridges. A one of a kind city noted for its architecture, history of tolerance and humor. There is so much to see and do: Perfect for a short break whilst staying on board of a luxurious, one-of-a-kind romantic houseboat, come see for your selves. Reviews.

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Guest reviews:

18 May 2015
Liebe auf den ersten und den dritten Blick
by Tobias Heil

Vor ca. einem Jahr haben wir uns entschieden, unseren traditionellen, alljährlichen Amsterdambesuch, in 2015 auf einem Hausboot zu verbringen. Eine Auszeit für meine Frau und mich - ganz ohne die Kinder. Als leidenschaftliche Camper sind wir das restliche Jahr recht häufig mit den Kindern unterwegs, aber dieses einemal im Jahr, soll immer etwas besonderes sein. Hotels sind wir beide leid und so lag die Entscheidung für ein Hauboot nahe. B074 hat uns sofort gefallen. Die Vorfreude uber ein ganzes Jahr war unglaublich schön. Vermutlich haben wir mal wieder jedem davon erzählt der er hören wollte, und allen anderen wohl auch. In jedem Fall haben wir uns direkt in die Idee und das Boot verliebt. Kurz vor Antritt der Reise, hat uns der Austausch, via Mail und Whatsapp, in unserer Entscheidung bestärkt. Drei von vier angesteuerten P+R-Möglichkeiten hatten leider geschlossen. Egal - wir hatten ja Zeit und der Rezeptionist war nicht nur freundlich, sondern auch geduldig. Der Empfang war herzlich und hat etwas über den Geruch hinweggetäuscht, der uns dann drei Tage begleitet hat. Aufgrund der vielen Duftspender, ist der Geruch vermutlich bekannt. Hier sollte, wenn möglich, abhilfe geschaffen werden. Es wurde in einem anderen Beitrag die Sauberkeit bemängelt. Da möchte ich aber ein Veto einlegen, da ich das Hausboot nicht mit einem Hotelzimmer vergleichen darf. Auch wenn ich nur dafür sprechen kann, wie wir das Boot vorgefunden haben, so ist auch uns in der Küche aufgefallen, dass diese schlichweg genutzt wird. Was die Hygiene betrifft, können wir aber keinerlei Einwände bringen - schon gar nicht zu Schlafzimmer und Bad. In jedem Fall hat uns der Geruch etwas ernüchtert, was sich jedoch jeweils kurze Zeit nach Betreten, relativiert hat. Im Schlafzimmer und im Bad riecht es fast gar nicht.
Dem Geruch haben wir aber beide irgendwann keine besondere Bedeutung mehr beigemessen, da die Lage des Bootes wirklch überwältigend ist. Direkt um jede Ecke Leben pur. Trotzdem ist es bei geschlossenen Fenstern erstaunlich ruhig. Bei der Buchung wäre auch ein klassisches Hausboot in Frage gekommen, aber nachdem wir jeden Morgen und Abend diese unglaubliche Aussicht genossen haben, würde nur noch ein vergleichbares Boot, mit riesiger Glasfront, für uns in Frage kommen.
Wir lieben diese Stadt und wir waren schon oft in Amsterdam, aber wir haben es noch nie so erlebt wie dieses Mal.
Danke dafür und noch viele weitere, glückliche Gäste

4 February 2015
Reply on previous message
by Rik

Mrs. Trempolskaya stayed with us from 29/12. Check in by the cleaner/receptionist went fine, eventhough this was far beyond office hours at 20:45 and we did not charge extra for that. No complaints were made at that moment.
At 23:46 however, an email was sent complaining about a sticky fridge. Also, the thermostat (the round model HoneyWell) wasn't found so it was cold on board and then the bed covers were not sufficient. More covers were in the room however, even out in the open but guest didn't find them.
The next morning guests were still looking for the thermostat, after sending a picture of it they found it right away. The offer to send the cleaner was not accepted, the guests claimed they had already cleaned up themselves, for two hours. The need for two hours cleaning should have been apparent at check in.
The last night the electricity went out at 22h, and with it the heating. Owner checked for general grid issues, there were none in the area, and went there at 23h, to investigate. The main switch however, is inside a locked box on the quay. Electricity company wouldn't open it, a locksmith was called but with no result. At 1 at night, two hours later, the guests asked to stop the efforts.
Later, the cause was found: The corner electricity plugs were wet and had short circuited. The roof or walls were not leaking. Considering the guests had been there for 4 nights, most likely water was spilled by them during their stay. They have not made any comment on this finding to this day.
In summary, the guests rightly filed complaints, but late and did not accept remedies or apologies. With the electricity outage and subsequent loss of heating they have been very unlucky. Complaining via email when WhatsApp was already used for immediate response did not help either. Cleaner has been fired and access made possible to the electricity box on the quay.
Future hosts should encourage comments from the guests as soon as possible, for instance by a thorough check in of all amenities.

18 January 2015
Unhappy stay
by Ekaterina Trempolskaya

This is going to be my first negative review. We stayed five nights on the boat and were deeply disappointed with our choice.
When we arrived we were met by a cleaner/receptionist and the welcome was not at all welcoming. Also we were not told where the thermostat was and spent very cold night, covering with our coats for the given furry blankets didn't look clean. The first night we also got the impression the the boat hadn't been cleaned properly: the inside of the fridge was sticky, there were someone's belongings in the closet and drawers, sigaretts' buts on the terrace and so on.
Next morning we spent about two hours cleaning the boat and also wrote a complain to the owner. He offered us to invite the same cleaner but as we had already cleaned all we refused the offer. However we were not offered any clean blankets and had to borrow some from our Dutch friends.
Last night we spent without electricity for as we were told later something had got wet. The owner implied it had been our fault. Anyway.
It would be very long story to tell all, but to sum it up I must say that thanks to our Dutch friends who helped us a lot and the fact that it was not our first trip to Amsterdam our visit was not ruined.
Also our friends said that we were to get some compensation but we were not offered any.
I would never recommend this boat to anyone, unless the owner changes his attitude towards all the arrangments and the guests.

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