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The cost for parking is very expensive down town, 7,50 euro per hour in the centre!

For not to expensif parking in the centre you can follow this link:


We find a new parking, a P+R in the North part of Amsterdam, 1 euro per 24 hours! It''s next to the metro, that brins you in 5 minutes to the Central Station.
It's exit S116 if you drive on the A10. The streetname is 'Nieuwe Leeuwarderweg '.
The Park and Ride (P+R) parking facilities are located on the outskirts of Amsterdam near the ring A-10. The idea is that you park your car for a low fee of € 6,- per 24 hours, with the free unlimited 24 hours public transport ticket for people of the car (up to 5 people) and you continue your visit using good metro, tram or bus connections with the centre of Amsterdam.

With an additional payment you may purchase 48 and 72 hours public transport tickets. You may park your car at the P+R sit up to the maximum of four days. You  should inform the parking service about it, so you will be receiving public transport tickets for all these days. As they are heavily subsidized, you must return your used public transport tickets to the P+R parking service at your departure, when  paying your parking fees for the whole stay.

P+R car parks are, open 7 days a week, 24 hours with the exception of the P+R  Bos en Lommer (from 7 am to 10 pm). They are all supervised but we do not advise you to leave anything of value in your car because break-in's are common in A'dam. There are five P+R car parking sites in Amsterdam:

P+R ArenA Transferium Burgemeester Stramanweg 130, 1101 EP Amsterdam;  at the Ajax ArenA stadium, capacity: 500, at freeways A9 and A2, exit Trans ferium; communication with the centre of  Amsterdam: train from the Bijlmer station and metro 54, 50

P+R Bos en Lommer, Leeuwendalersweg 23b, 1055 JE Amsterdam, near the S104 exit from the A10 ring. This car park is open from 7 am to 10 pm. You may leave the lot with your car at any time – 24/7; communication with the centre of Amsterdam: tram 14; bus 15, 21, 80, 82, 247, 315, 352 and metro 50.

P+R Olympisch Stadion (Olympic Stadium), Olympisch Stadion 44, 1076 DE  Amsterdam; capacity: 250; located at the ring A10, exit S108; communication with the centre of Amsterdam: tram 16, 24; this parking lot has also free bicycles to lend (up to two bikes per car – your ID will be required).

P+R Sloterdijk, Piarcoplein 1, 1043 DW Amsterdam, at Sloterdijk train station,  capacity: 200; freeway A10 exit S102; communication with the centre of Amsterdam: train from the Sloterdijk station, metro 50,  bus 48, tram 12; this parking lot has also free bicycles to lend (up to two bikes per car – your ID will be required).

P+R Zeeburg, Zuiderzeeweg 46 1095 KJ Amsterdam; at Piet Heintunnel, capacity:250, from A10 exit S114, communication with the centre of Amsterdam: tram: 26, bus 37, 245.

There are also following free car parks within the Amsterdam city limits:

Spinnerij; located at A9, exit Amstelveen; communication with the centre of Amsterdam: metro 51.

Diemen-Zuid; located at A10, exit S112; communication with the centre of Amsterdam: metro 53.

Gaasperplas; located at A9, exit Gaasperplas; communication with the centre of Amsterdam: metro 53.

Buikslotermeerplein; located at A9, exit Amstelveen; communication with the centre of Amsterdam: bus 33, 36, 100, 110, 114.

If you leave your car in an unattended area in the city, do not leave anything of value in the car. Please also consider putting this "no valuables inside" warning behind the windows.

One of the most popular ways, for young and old is to move by bike. You can rent 
them everywhere.
Macbike is in good repute. They have normal bikes, but they 
have also
special bikes & accessories such as Funtrailers, Delivery Tricycles, Long 
John Trailers and Riksja out. They have moving equipment & raincoats. You find  
them on Central station, Leidseplein (square), Marnixstaat and Mr. Visserplein.

Photo taken by MacBike:


 Subway and trams and busses:

a) tram and bus:
   On the website of the
public transport Amsterdam you find a lot of useful information. 
   The site is translated in German, English, François, Italian and Espagnola. We advice you
   to buy one ticket for your stay, you can buy them for 1 till 9 days. That is convenient and
   the cheapest way.

b) an other website for public transport includes trains is the website of Connex-
    xion, the organisation that is responsible for most bus- and tramlines in 
    Holland. It might take a while before the site get open, because there is a lot 
    a data that has to be load. In this example we start from Central station, not
    from the airport because there is only one train that goes straight to Central

    If you click on
which bus or tram shall I take, please fill in by
VAN (from)
    straat (street): Amsterdam Central Station. Copy and paste these words
    plaats (city): amsterdam

    Then you have to fill in
NAAR (to)
    fill in the name of the street and
    plaats (city): amsterdam

    Above you find their advice. You can click on "eerder" (earlier) or "later". You
    can also try this when you are not glad with their advice. Of course we will also
    send you our advice on our reconfirmation.

    You can use this if you received the reconfirmation from us with route
    description and address of your accommodation.

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