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This boat hotel  is a charter ship from nearly a 100 years old. It's suitable for 10 to 18 persons for 41.00 € p.p.p.n. You rent one part of the boat (no other guests on board except your party) as you see on the pictures. The Captain and his wife live on an other part of the boat. If you want to sail for a few hours or even a few days during your stay, staff is for hire. The ship is moored behind Central Station, around 15 minutes walk to the left. From there you can walk straight into the Jordaan area. If you want to make a tour with the boat and the Captain you will find the price list here.

The ship has a broad, sheltered deck with wooden benches and a wide stair case leading to the well equipped galley and the cosy lounge. There is plenty of light inside, windows are all around and every cagin has a window that can be opened. The boat has 4 cabins with bunk beds and 4 cabins with 2 single beds. There are 2 showers and 2 toilets. Televison, radio and cd-player are at your disposal.

The rates are based on a minimum of 12 persons. Breakfast, dinner, excursions over the water, staff and cook are available (on request). Reviews!

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Guest reviews:

Very cozy houseboat, ideal for big groups!
by Sarah Kohlen

We, a group of 14 students, had a great time on the houseboat! The living room area is very spacious and super nice for cooking dinner and having a fun evening with some drinks.
Tom and Marleen were very nice and super relaxed, even though we were a bit louder sometimes. Thank you for that! :)

Steady winds
by Andreas Grieder

Really nice boat, losts of space ine common area. Definetly to be recommended!

Excellent time!
by Daniel Wendt

We stayed on Clipper B034 with Tom, and we had an excellent stay! First, the boat was beautiful, and we really liked the location among other boats along the Ij. Second, there was plenty of room in the boat, both for cooking and eating and for sleeping. We had some large people and had to climb into the beds, but they were comfortable once we were in. Third, it was a very good location for exploring the city, with easy tram and bus access to the usual spots, with the ability to retreat to a quiet neighborhood when we were ready. And finally, we took advantage of the opportunity to go on a sailing trip, which was splendid! We sailed to Edam, explored the town, and returned the next day, and everyone enjoyed the trip, including taking turns helping out behind the wheel or with the sails. We highly recommend this boat!

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