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Dear tenants,
We understand that most tenants have to cancel, the world is in crisis.
The tenants made a down payment of 35% for their bookings. According to our terms and conditions that amount is not refundable by cancellations and we adviced everyone to take a good travel insurance before we asked them to confirm the booking. 
A lot of tenants think they have the right to ask the down payment in return. Because of the circumstances they have no other choise then to cancel. However, it’s also not the fault of our hosts. They don’t want to cancel. They are suddenly without any income, while their properties stay empty. 
We think it’s reasonable when both parties take the dammage on their shoulders. Tenants loose the down payment according to the contract they signed, and hosts don’t receive the balance of 65%. We will refund the balance payment to those who already paid, you don’t have to ask for it. Even by last-minute cancellations or no show.
In better times, everyone is welcome again.  We are pretty sure, that if the accommodations are still available, most of the hosts will make it right with you and we will do our utmost best to gave you the best price for a new booking, considering you already paid a part.
In the mean time, stay healthy!
With friendly regards,
Marcel Smits & Ilonk Gerritsen

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